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Our beautiful Oysterbaby sling is invaluable. Not only has it enabled me to get on with chores around the house and dog walking, but it is also mighty useful for a peaceful shop browse or coffee with friends. When nothing else works I KNOW she will sleep in the sling. If I need her to be happy and calm for a special something I pop her in the sling to guarantee a snooze and smiley baby. Lucille loves it so much she goes from grizzly grump to happy bunny when she sees me put it on. AND it's a gorgeous addition to my wardrobe. We would not be without our Oysterbaby!
- Marilena Reina

After trying two other slings which gave me backache, Oysterbaby is by far the most comfortable to wear as it evenly distributes the weight across your back, helping to maintain an aligned spine, good posture and no more backache! I absolutely love carrying my baby girl and having her so close to me. I cannot recommend these gorgeous slings enough!
- Susie Larcombe, Yoga Teacher.

Oyster baby sling has revolutionised my life! My baby loves it and i have hands free to play with my little boy. It looks fab too!! X
- Rosie Elizabeth Moss

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