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The oysterbaby sling must be used in a safe environment in which the parent can pay full attention to the Baby and his posture - Oysterbaby holds no responsibility for any injury caused whilst using our slings.

Please follow instructions on how to wrap carefully and read our safety advice below.

1. Oysterbaby slings are designed for use by adults only.
2. The sling should not be worn by any persons experiencing back problems.
3. Hold your baby close at all times until correctly secured in the wrap.
4. Observe your child as often as possible.
5. Baby's airway (nose, mouth) must be clear and visible at all times.
6. Baby's head must be lined up with his spine and mustn't flop in any direction.
Change sides regularly to relieve tensions.
7. The wrap must be adjusted correctly. If you feel like you need to support Baby with your hands, it's not adjusted properly.
8. Baby's head must be at a comfortable kissing distance for you.
9. Put baby in an upright position following nursing or If Baby's suffers from acid reflux.
10. Dress Baby properly - Baby mustn't be too covered; don't dress him anymore than if you were inside the house. Protect his extremities from the cold and the sun (gloves, socks or shoes, sun block)
11. Don't forget Baby's volume and shape when going through a door.
12. Pay attention to anything that might hit Baby in public places.
13. The sling must not be used as a replacement for a car safety seat.
14. Don't sleep when you're wearing your child.
15. The sling has been designed to accommodate the wearer while sitting, standing and walking only. Do NOT use the wrap when doing physical, mechanical or aquatic sports or any other activity such as cooking that may divert your attention from Baby.

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