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Bamboo is being hailed as a new super material. Oysterbaby uses 100% bamboo material for its slings. Here are some of its benefits.


Bamboo takes in five times the volume of greenhouse gasses and releases 35% more oxygen than cotton. And unlike cotton It needs no replanting, pesticides or fertilizers. Bamboo is cut not uprooted, helping soil stability, sustaining riverbanks and reducing water pollution.

Our bamboo fabric is made from well-selected non-polluted bamboo. The whole distilling and producing process is green, causing no pollution. The manufactures produce bamboo fiber strictly according to ISO9000 and ISO 14000. It produces natural and eco-friendly fiber without any chemical additive.

What's more, bamboo fiber is biodegradable textile material. As a natural cellulose fiber, It can be 100% biodegraded in soil by microorganism and sunshine. The decomposition process doesn't cause any pollution to the environment. "Bamboo fiber comes from nature, and completely returns to nature in the end"

Bamboo fiber is praised as "the natural, green, and eco-friendly new-type textile material of 21st century".


Bamboo owns unique anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and deodorization properties, as well as 98% UV protection. It's 3-4 times more absorbent than cotton. It 'wicks' away moisture from the body which then evaporates in a split second. That with the fabrics extraordinary natural breathability and thermo-control benefits, keeps you and your baby comfortable and dry In all conditions.

Our bamboo jersey may look and drape like silk, but is more practical because you can machine wash it on a gentle cycle and dry it in the drier or on the clothesline. Unlike cottons, bamboo also maintains its stretch, ensuring babies stay secure and snug next to mum or dad.


The fibers that are used to make our fabrics have channels, so they absorb moisture, and wick it away from the skin, keeping you cool and dry.

Bamboo fabric is highly breathable in hot weather and also keeps you significantly warmer in the cold than traditional fabrics. Keeping you more comfortable in all temperatures.

Bamboo is also perfect for sensitive or allergy prone skin as there has been no harsh chemical treatments; which can irritate the skin, The fibre is also smooth and round and it boasts natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Bamboo jersey is also renowned for its soft smooth texture making it a perfect fabric to be next to your delicate baby's skin.

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